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Sunday, 12 July 2015

Hospital & Hula Hoops, The Next Phase.

Hello there :)
It’s been a while!
When I first started this blog in June 2013 I needed to lose 16 stone and as I write this post in July 2015 I still need to lose 16 stone, in fact, I am 3 pounds heavier!
May 2015

My last post was in January 2015 and not only did I give up the diet, I gave up blogging.  I did not want to have to tell you (or admit to myself) how I was failing week after week. I gave up and ate what I wanted and it felt wonderful, a weight was lifted off my shoulders; the pressure was off.  I still cooked the Slimming World way (mostly) but I enjoyed a take-away every Friday and the crisps, chocolate and cakes began to sneak back into the virtual shopping basket. Well, I say sneak but I actually mean fall like an avalanche, I was treating myself every evening, well, all day long actually!
Me and the hubby, June 2015

There is, however, a downside to eating what I want (as if I didn’t know that already); as my weight crept back on my mobility went down and my pain levels went up.  So now I’m back where I started, barely able to walk more than a few metres and taking painkillers every day.   I am very aware that I’ve done this to myself, I am also aware of the consequences as I enjoy a large piece of cake and packet or three of crisps.  I know the consequence weight gain has on me but in that blissful moment I am pushing all thoughts of consequences to the back of my mind.  I am ignoring what I know will happen just because I want to eat whatever I like, and I like a lot!

So, what to do now?  Well, I am now under my local hospital’s Specialist Weight Management Service (SWMS), I’ve had a few appointments and their approach is completely different to any diet I’ve ever known.  In fact, there has been no mention of following any sort of food plan; it’s more to do with addressing the reason for overeating.  It’s been a great help so far and after a few appointments just chatting to someone, I am ready to start again and start thinking about what I’m eating and portion control.  I’ll let you know how I get on when I go back in two weeks’ time. The SWMS can also arrange for you to see a bariatric surgeon with a view to weight loss surgery, but this is completely up to the patient and I believe it is a long process before the surgery is even offered.  I don’t know what I want to do at the moment, the thought of surgery has always frightened me, but I’m trying to look at the long-term goal (to be alive!) and will consider all of my options. 

So, I’ve made a start and purchased a weighted hula hoop from Argos.  I must be only person who can’t do it!  I’ve tried and tried (bearing in mind that I’m so unfit I can only do bursts of 2 – 3 mins) and the blooming thing will not stay up!  I mistakenly thought my considerable girth would help, well obviously not as the video shows lol.

A word of warning, weighted hula hoops hurt when you drop them on your bare feet!  I am currently sporting a bruised big toe lol.  Oh well, no gain (or should that be loss?) without pain!

Thanks for reading, tata for now xx

Saturday, 17 January 2015

I am off and running, well, not quite running. Strolling, I'm strolling...

Week One -1lb 
Week Two -8lb

Well, we managed to get rid of the Christmas goodies.  We ate what we wanted and then I brought the rest of the Christmas sweets into work.  You know the ones I mean, the sweets that nobody wants, the toffee pennies and the toffee logs, the toffees with the nut in the middle, those kind of sweets.  I have left them for my colleagues to eat and think that they are almost gone now.  Of course I wasn’t the only one to bring in sweets, a few of us did and I have been managing to avoid ‘the middle’.  The Middle is a cabinet in work and we fill the top of it with biscuits, sweets, cakes and other such delights.  It is a beautiful sight to a foodie, it is paradise,  it is bliss, it is where I want to be; it must be avoided at all costs!

I am two weeks into my new healthy eating regime and I am doing ok.  I lost one pound the first week and I will admit that I was slightly disappointed as I stepped off the scales but then I realised that I was one pound lighter than I was the week before and at least it was a loss.  Accept it, deal with it and move on!

During the first week I started using My Fitness Pal (MFP) and began logging my food intake but the Slimming World (SW) plan is always on my mind as it seems to be the best plan for me.  I like to eat and SW lets me do that. So MFP is ok and it definitely helps to keep me on track but I use it in conjunction with the SW plan.  So the first week went well and I had a one pound loss.  This week (my second week) went very well and I had an eight pound loss.  I planned my meals and it worked.
I am delighted with my overall loss of 9 lbs but I have to admit it does not come easy to me.  I struggle so much because I really enjoy food.  I love to cook it, talk about it and most definitely eat it.  I think about my next meal all of the time and I am planning what to have and how to cook it.  I guess most people must be like that, I have to think about the weekly food shop and decide what we’re going to have for meals for the coming week; it’s unavoidable.  Everybody has to eat, yes?  I am the mother in the house, it is my role, I decide what we’re going to have for dinner, and I can’t avoid food.  I just have to make the correct choices. 

My Husband the Masterchef
My husband has been cooking this week.  He is a bit of a novice and does not enjoy it that much but will do it so that I can rest my back when I return home from work. All he needs is for me to write out the instructions and all the timings.  It’s been lovely to come home from work and smell the dinner cooking and I have discovered that as well as enjoying cooking food, talking about food and eating food, I am enjoying writing out the time plans and talking about how to cook with my hubby.  I am so happy that he’s taken an interest in cooking and excitedly offered him one of my Hairy Dieters cook books to go through and chose a recipe to cook but he politely declined.  OK, so he’s not enjoying it as much I thought and he does not want to look through recipes but I’ll get him there eventually lol.
Dave's vegetable soup

Dave's chicken risotto

I have started the hard part, eating healthily but it is exercise that is next on the agenda. Once again, I can’t walk very far and I have been thinking about building it up slowly.  Today I received a message from a lovely friend, Mrs C, and she has invited me to go for a walk with her.  My sister will come with us and I must admit it is a bit daunting, I can’t walk very far and I want to say no, I cannot do it but I know that I have to start somewhere and already I have formulated a plan in my head.  I’ll walk for a bit and then find a wall to sit on, let Mrs C and Anneliese walk a bit further and then they can pick me up on the way back.  Sorted!  It will all be fine!
Am I being negative? No, I know my limits.  Well, maybe a little bit...
Will I be able to walk further than I think?  No, maybe, possibly.  
I’ll gradually build up to walking a bit further and see how we go.  Even though my first reaction was to say no, I can’t do it, I am glad I said yes and I am actually looking forward to it.  I’ll let you know how I get on.

Before I go, I’ve made some new friends on facebook and one of them wanted to know what I have been eating in order to lose the weight so I thought I’d post a typical day’s food:

35g cereal (usually fruit n fibre,  porridge or 2 Weetabix)
Small amount of milk (I don’t like it that much so only have a little on my cereal)

Salad: lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, spring onions, peppers, beetroot, Feta (50g), ham or boiled egg

Dinner: (All visible fat removed from meat prior to cooking)
Steamed or roast chicken, roast lamb or pork chops, steamed potatoes, carrots, broccoli, Brussels, cabbage or whatever veg I have in the fridge.  I like to eat lots of veg :)

3 or 4 clementines or satsumas. 
1 banana (2 or 3 days a week)
50g salted pretzels (not every day)
Mug of hot chocolate and 2 marshmallows….every evening, it helps with my chocolate craving.
I do not drink tea or coffee, I drink no added sugar squash or diet lemonade.

So, to sum it up, it’s a low-fat plan with plenty of fruit and vegetables.
Am I hungry?  Not really, if I am then I eat fruit.  
Do I still think of food all of the time?  Oh yes.  
Do I have willpower?  It’s a constant battle not to walk into the kitchen and whip up something delightfully naughty.  So I guess the answer is yes because I haven't done that...yet...but it doesn’t come easy.

Thanks for reading and tata for now xx

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Has Anybody Seen My Willpower?

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and that your New Year will be a prosperous one.

As we come to the end of 2014 my battle to lose weight is still ongoing.  By May of 2014, I had managed to lose almost 3 stones for my son’s wedding.   I went from a size 34/36 to a size 30 and whilst I was happy to be wearing a smaller size it was not as small as I would have liked.
My goal was to lose 10 stones before the wedding and then a further 4 (ish) stones after.  Well, as you have just read, that did not happen!

My son's wedding day.

Desperate Measures
I have tried everything to help me succeed.  I announced to the world, well Facebook, that I was ‘on a diet’.  I logged on every week and broadcast how much I’d lost (or gained) and the support from my friends and family was amazing, in fact, it was overwhelming.  Even though I had the support I still struggled to keep up a steady weight loss so I decided to announce my weight.  I thought surely that would shame me into sticking to the plan but alas, it did not.  I fear my love of food runs deeper than embarrassment or shame.

Losing weight or the attempt to lose weight is one of the hardest things I have ever tried to do.  The premise is simple, eat healthily and exercise more (or at all, in my case) but try as I might, I have not yet successfully achieved a healthy weight.  Yes, I have lost weight but I have neither been able to carry on losing or even maintain the weight I have lost.  In fact, I have gained 2.5 stones of the 3 stones lost.  Oh well, at least it was not all of it, having said that I haven’t weighed myself since Christmas and I do not intend to, not for a few days anyway.

What To Do Now?
I know I need to change my eating habits but it’s having the strength and willpower to stick to it.  I know from previous experience that wanting to lose weight and wanting to stick to eating healthily are two different things.  You can’t do one without the other!  When I want to stick to it, when I have the willpower, I do really well.  When I don’t have the willpower it’s very hard.
I have decided that I need to do something, especially as this Christmas I have really struggled with back pain.  My increasing weight gives me increasing mobility problems and the past couple of months have been no exception.  I am so lucky to have an understanding husband who helps me in so many ways.  He knows when I need help to get dressed, he knows when I need to find a chair in a supermarket, he knows if he wants dinner he has stand and peel the veg and then pull over a chair and place it strategically in front of the cooker or worktop.  He does all of this without complaint.  We posed for a photo on Christmas day, both of us sporting festive aprons, me with a whisk in my hand and him with a washing up brush.  I was immediately horrified at my fat face in one of them and the other was of my husband, I'm sure you can't see anything wrong with the photo but I am drawn to the fact that there is a chair plonked in our little kitchen space and I'm horrified, mortified, shamed even, at the reason why it is there.  This is why I need to try again.

Dave posing in his pinny.

Too many cooks...

I will try a different strategy; for the first few weeks I will give up snacking in between meals (unless it’s fresh fruit).  I will eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and will try my best to make healthy choices; this won’t be too difficult as I love my fresh fruit and vegetables.  I will cut out sweets, crisps and cakes; I am having palpitations thinking about it lol, what about a little packet of crisps, a sneaky Mars bar?  See, I am thinking about them already and I haven’t even started!  I think I have to make small changes at first as the task ahead seems monumental.

On, Off, On, Off
I have decided not to go ‘on a diet’ because when you ‘get on’ something you inevitably have to ‘get off’. In the past I have always had a goal: a party, a wedding or some other ‘do’ but I know once that particular date comes around I go absolutely crazy with the food and ‘get off’ whatever plan I have been following and then it’s a real struggle to ‘get back on’.  I know that I need to cut out the bad foods i.e. sugary, fatty foods, and Slimming World is my plan of choice.  I’m not going to follow the SW plan to the letter (not to start with, who knows what the future holds) but I do intend to take what I have learned from SW and start cutting down and follow the plan of fresh meat and vegetables.  Will it work?  I don’t know.  Will I be writing a blog in a year's time and post a photo of me standing in one leg of my size 34 trousers?  I live in a perpetual state of hope!  Hope alone is not enough; it is strength and willpower that I need.  If you find it, please send it my way :-)

What Now?
I won’t be making New Year’s resolutions, I don’t believe in them.  What I will be making are healthy choices, that’s the aim anyway.
So, I am starting again and here’s the photo of me at my biggest.

I’m about half a stone lighter at the moment.  It was also around the time that I decided to let my natural grey hair grow through; I gave in and had it dyed after I realised it would not grow through as beautiful, natural silver highlights intermingling with my dark hair, it was all over and at 44 I’m far too young to be a silver fox or should that be vixen!

But Old Habits Die Hard…
When will I be starting? 1st January?  Don’t be silly, the house is full of delicious Christmas food!

I need at least a week to eat it all, ahem, I mean get rid of it all...

Thank you for reading xx

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Slippery Slope

Hi Everyone, it's been ages since my last blog so I thought I'd better put pen to paper (or fingers to keys!) and let you know what's been happening and how I've been doing...

This picture sums it up exactly...

I am stuck in a dip once again. I have given up with Slimming World.  It's a fantastic healthy eating plan and certainly my most favourite but I just don't want to stick to it at the moment.  I want to lose weight but I don't want to stick to the plan and you can't do one without the other.

So, I'm on the slippery slope, I lose weight, I gain weight, I lose weight, I gain get the picture.  I don't know why it's so hard when the theory is so easy, all you have to do is eat healthily and exercise, hey presto!  So easy to say but so hard to do, well, it is for me!  

As you know, I've mentioned many times before, walking can be a problem for me when my back is bad, on these occasions my lovely hubby will go to the supermarket and only buy what's on the list I give him.  As I lose weight my mobility increases and I am able to go shopping with him, the downside to this is I buy the cakes and the crisps that I love!  I think I should send him every week regardless of how my back is lol.

If it's not on the list it's not going in...

So folks, I'm struggling at the moment but I am ever hopeful that I will find my willpower and get back on it.  Watch this space!

Thanks for reading xx

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Slimmer of the Month!

In the month of August I lost 12lbs. I was awarded my first 1/2 stone certificate, slimmer of the week and also slimmer of the month! Wow what a fantastic start.  I'm delighted that I've managed to get back on the wagon, yee-haw.

The Food Police coming to the rescue.

It's not been all plain sailing, my desire to eat cakes and sweets along with chocolate and takeaways (not together!) is very powerful.  There has been the occasional evening when I've let it get the better of me but I'm thankful to admit there has been more good days than bad days.

The Middle
I have not eaten a thing from the middle; 'the middle' is a cabinet in work that is usually brimming with tasty food.  We bring cakes, biscuits and chocolate in and place it on top for anyone to eat.  We all help ourself and Miss H makes particularly good cakes!  With all these goodies directly in my line of sight it can be very tempting lol.

I have just remembered!  There was an incident with some nibbles that Ms G brought in, they were Thornton's caramel squares.  They are teeny tiny and are 3.5 syns each (for those following the Slimming World plan) and I did succumb to temptation and had one or 2 or 3 of those!  I did count them in my syn allowance though.  That's the beauty of SW, you can have treats as long as you count them.  Now, obviously, I wanted to eat the packet because they tasted so nice but I managed to stop after 3.  Sometimes I think I should have zero tolerance because once I eat one I want another, as demonstrated above, but if I can use all of my willpower and stop at 1 or 2 it should be ok.  Who am I kidding?  I'd rip them out of your vice-like grip so that I could scoff the lot lol.

This week, thanks to my consultant Mandy, I discovered Kellogg's Special K Granola (raisin and red apple 30g = HE B on SW plan).  It's delicious, I have it with a Muller Light coconut and lime yogurt (FREE) and sliced banana.  It is my new favourite breakfast, throw out your overnight oats, this is gorgeous :)

Well there's nothing to report, no dramas in the supermarket because my hubby kindly and very gently advises me that a family-size box of maltesers might not be the best item to place in my trolley.  No dramas in the kitchen when I'm stood in front the fridge having a tantrum because there isn't anything 'nice' to eat.  My hubby points me in the direction of the fruit bowl as I mutter something about this being a 'rubbish cafe' or words to that effect!  This is because my lovely hubby has been and done the shopping on his own.  We usually go together and I occasionally go on my own if my back is up to it.  Since the house move my back has been quite bad and I've struggled quite a bit so my hubby asks for a list and goes and gets the shopping.  If it's not on the list then he doesn't get it!  So there are no 'nice' things hidden in the fridge door or behind the carrots and peppers in the salad drawer.  If I want something nice then it has to be Slimming World friendly and the result of that is 12lbs off and slimmer of the month :)

Well folks, I'm off to dip a banana in coconut and lime yogurt whilst watching X-Factor.  Thanks for reading.
Onwards and downwards, my friends xx

Recipe of the Week

Sausage Quiche, click on the photo to go to my website for the recipe.

You will find more recipes on my  facebook page :)

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Healthy Eating

Hello everyone, long time no speak!
My last post mentioned that I was moving home.  Well, we have been in for just over a fortnight and it's taken that long for Sky to sort out our broadband connection.  What did we do before the internet?  We are so reliant on the web although we did manage to get by without our daily facebook fix!

In the time since I last posted, I rejoined Slimming World.  My first week was a bit of a struggle as we had just moved and the kitchen was not ready but I got by and managed to stick to the plan for 3 days out of 7.  I was hoping for a little loss but stayed the same on my first weigh-in, it was a bit disappointing but I stuck with it and meticulously planned my meals for week 2 and it paid off.  I lost 8lb this week...woohoo.

I made curried loaf and ate that with a big salad for lunch.  I also made a batch of red pepper hummus and ate that with carrots.  So my lunch was big and satisfying and best of all free on the Slimming World extra easy plan.  I was eating for 20 minutes so that made me very happy! I had that for 3 days running and I will be making it again for next week's lunches.

I've planned my meals again for this week and have enjoyed steamed chicken served with steamed potatoes and vegetables for tonight's dinner.  If you've read my blog before you will have heard me say, on more than one occasion, that wanting to lose weight is totally different from wanting to stick to healthy eating.  I have always wanted to lose weight but I have not always wanted to stick to the plan and you can't have one without doing the other!  You will also know that when I'm good I'm very good and when I'm bad, I'm very, very bad.  I love food. I love to cook food, I love to talk about food, I love to watch cooking programmes (The Great British Bake Off is on TV at the moment, I'm in heaven!) and the thing I most love to do is eat.  I love the taste of food and I want to eat tasty food.  I'm very lucky as I like to eat fruit and vegetables, that is why Slimming World works for me, but I also like to eat cakes and sweets so when I have the willpower I hold on to it for as long as I can.  I have the willpower at the moment so I'm cooking and eating healthily but I know how easy it is for me to slip into old habits; I will hang on to my MoJo for as long as possible.

So it's back on the wagon for me and I'll be blogging every week letting you know how I get on. Thank you for reading and thank you for all of your comments, I really do appreciate your support.
Onwards and downwards x

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Red Pepper Hummus

Curry Loaf

Lorna's Corner (my facebook page)

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Back to Slimming World I Go...

After my last post I came to the decision that I should return to Slimming World.

I was overwhelmed with messages of support after I revealed my weight gain in my last blog and I would like to thank everyone that emailed me or sent facebook messages and comments on my blog.  Your support was fantastic and really helped me to make the decision to return.

So, ever since I made my decision to return I have eaten every unhealthy thing I've wanted!  I know I should have tried to make healthy choices, I know I shouldn't have shovelled every delicious morsel into my mouth but it was like a switch went off in my head and I wanted to cram in as much 'bad' stuff as possible in the two weeks since I made the decision.

I've not weighed myself since my last blog and I'm not going to get on the scales until I attend my first Slimming World group, which will be this coming Wednesday.

One thing I have been thinking about is not setting a goal.  I've been to Slimming World twice in the past few years and each time I've set a goal.  When I reached the goal I went food mad and ate whatever I wanted and didn't stop, so I've come to the conclusion that goals are dangerous for me.  I'm going to attend the group and take each day as it comes.

I'm moving house tomorrow and I'm not sure when the internet will be up and running but I'm hoping we won't have to wait too long.

I'll post my blog after I've been to SW and let you know how I get on.

Thanks for reading xx